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This Week's Featured Health Care Story

We offered free earbuds to health care heroes across the country and received hundreds of nominations. We read every single one and pick one winner every single day. 

We've decided to share some of the winning nominations (with their permission) to share uplifting stories of real life heroes.

Our most recent winner, nominated by her brother:

"I would like to nominate, Lauren, a palliative care social worker in the Richland County hospital system... In other words, she is the last line of comfort for patients and families, when there is nothing else that the medical system can do for them. She comforts family, coordinates treatment, helps with end of life decision making, and does countless other things that helps to ensure the right decisions are made, even during periods of intense grief and suffering.

This is not a well-paid job, despite the measurable impact that it has on peoples lives, or the incredibly emotional and physical commitment that it requires. Lauren has been on the front lines in our hospitals as COVID-19 is roiling our community and ending peoples’ lives... We’re already running low on equipment and my state is well behind the surge of patients that we know is going to come.

As you may of guessed, this is my sister. I am writing this to you from my home office, about a mile from the hospital that she works, unable to do anything to assist or protect her during this crisis except for stay home. I know earbuds will not protect her, but they would make her smile. Small gestures matter, and as you said in your e-mail, providing some sanity and relief through this is more than most of us can do while we are helpless to help in this battle against a virus."

Thank you to all of our health care heroes.

As a reminder, we are still accepting nominations, in addition to offering a buy one, give one program right here on our site if you'd like to contribute to making someone's day!

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