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This Week's Featured Health Care Hero!

We hope this week's spotlight starts your day off with a positive note! Thank you to Nurse Lauren from NYC for being our featured healthcare hero. We hope you enjoy your free pair of LSTN Bluetooth earbuds!

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for your offer during some not so fun times here in NYC... As this crisis continues to unfold each day holds a new set of anxiety, but I know this too shall pass. One of the things that has been getting me through is listening to meditation, guided imagery and of course just jamming out while on a run. Music and sound has always been a source of comfort for me, especially now.

I have never owned a pair of your headphones however I did gift them to a friend about five years ago. I had picked your headphones because of how unique and special they were, sort of like the person I gifted them to. 

Thank you again for caring about healthcare professionals and supporting us." - Lauren from New York City

THANK YOU again to all of our frontline heroes working around the clock during this crisis. 

As a reminder, we are still accepting nominations.

We are also still offering a buy one, give one program right here on our site if you'd like to contribute to making someones day! 

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