Sound & Purpose

LSTN was started in 2012 to create the world's first inspirational electronics company. After seeing a viral video of someone hearing her own voice for the first time, co-founders Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff decided to focus their efforts on creating change through the power of sound & music, and make this incredible moment a reality for others around the globe.

Since then LSTN has traveled to help more than 50,000 people receive hearing aids through the proceeds from their headphones, earbuds and speakers with non-profit partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. Access to hearing has improved the lives of these individuals, their families and communities and has since created a positive ripple effect with millions of people around the world.

How we give back

You receive a beautiful, high-quality product

Proceeds from your purchase help fund LSTN and Starkey Hearing Foundation's mission to give hearing aids globally.

People worldwide are able to hear sounds & music, and reconnect with their communities

LSTN + Delta Air Lines

This is the true story of two amazing brothers we met in Arequipa, Peru and the day their lives were changed forever. The commercial aired worldwide on Delta Air Lines.

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LSTN + Google

Watch the commercial we filmed with Google after returning from our first trip to Kenya and Uganda, introducing LSTN to 50m+ people who watched on YouTube.

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LSTN + Chivas Regal

Chivas and LSTN partnered to celebrate our shared passion for craftsmanship, style and compassion. Generosity: Amplified was our collaborative campaign that launched in 46 countries and gave hearing to thousands of people in Dominican Republic.

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LSTN + Entrepreneur

Join us for a rooftop drink with Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper to learn more about the journey of LSTN.

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9 out of 10 people who are unable to hear can be helped through hearing aids. Through sales of our products, more than 50000 people around the world have received the gift of hearing for the first time. Some of our past trips include:

Alone we can't do much. Together we can change the world.
— Bill Austin, Founder, Starkey Hearing Foundation

LSTN is proud to partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation in our shared mission of global hearing awareness. Over the last three decades, Starkey Hearing Foundation founder Bill Austin has expanded the Foundation’s reach from Minnesota across the United States and around the world. With the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters, Starkey Hearing Foundation has become the embodiment of Austin’s incredible vision and has provided more than 2 million hearing aids and care to people in need. Learn more about the foundation and our shared mission at