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We’re Gifting Healthcare Workers Earbuds Every Day - And So Can You.

To all the health care workers in the world, especially those nominated for the weekly free LSTN Bolt Earbuds, we truly thank you. 

We have received almost a thousand responses, and we spent hours reading each email and being somehow more inspired by every single heartwarming story. 

So, while times are tough for LSTN (like everyone else right now) we felt that gifting 1 pair per week wasn’t enough. So we decided we need to do more. Instead of 1 pair per week, we’re going to give away 1 pair EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

We started LSTN to change lives through the power of music. Hopefully this will help provide a moment of relief to someone on the front lines.

Buy one, give one to a health care worker

Additionally, starting today, for every headphone or speaker purchased from our site, we will donate another pair of LSTN earbuds to a nominated healthcare worker. Buy one, give one. No strings attached. 

We will announce and send out the winners each week along with their names and where they work and we will share some of our favorites of their inspiring stories in our weekly email blasts and on our socials.

Like most businesses, LSTN was hit extremely hard by Covid-19; we are really struggling right now. But we can still find a way to give and make small positive differences with what we have. While we can’t produce masks or ventilators, we do have great audio products and a warehouse that can still ship. We’re hoping to make a small difference and help each other and our community get through this difficult time. If you have a business, a skill, extra supplies, or know anyone that does, we encourage you to try and find the little ways you can help others right now. This is the most important time to give. 

Whether it’s supporting our healthcare workers or helping in your community, we’re all in this together.


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