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Behind the Scenes: Making of LSTN Earbuds

Hey everyone! The LSTN team is here at our wood workshop to give a behind the scenes on how our Bowery earbuds are made. Hard to believe this pile of wood will soon become our favorite pairs of earbuds :-)

Each one of these pieces makes approximately 80 pairs of zebra earbuds. We currently make our products in beech, cherry, ebony and zebra woods.

The wood planks go through this machine to make them round and ready to drill into earbud casing.

The now round planks get drilled to make room for the speaker that will soon be inside

The earbuds are then drilled once more to make room for where the cord & mic connect

The Bowerys are prepped to become branded

Our logo is carefully laser engraved into the wood

Breakfast is served! Now our Bowerys sit out to dry after a light lacquer is applied to protect the wood

Our gold-plated plugs, nylon wrapped cables, silicon eartips and our high-quality speakers are assembled together to create the LSTN Bowerys. After they're packaged, they're ready to ship out to you and our retail partners to enjoy!



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