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LSTN Helps 2,000 in Kunming, China

Hello friends!

Joe and I had the pleasure of visiting Kunming this past week where we were lucky enough to give the gift of hearing to over 2,000 people. Kunming is the largest city and capital of the Yunnan province in Southwest China. The people of Kunming were extremely welcoming and warm - and the city was beautiful! We loved meeting everyone, from the 8-year old girl who had never heard before, to the 78-year old man who hadn't heard in 40 years, to the local fisherman and farmers we met on our evening bike rides through the villages.

Thanks to your support of LSTN, we're able to give the gift of hearing in many different places around the world while experiencing new cultures with our partners Starkey Hearing Foundation. Our goal when we started the company was to change the world through the power of music. By rocking that pair of LSTN headphones or earbuds you have, you're a part of the change that we've witnessed first hand in 5 countries now. Buy headphones, give hearing - simple as that!

Please enjoy our photos and be on the lookout for our LSTN/Kunming video soon :-)




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