The Sound Board


Part 2: Behind the Scenes - Making of LSTN Headphones

Watch as pieces of scrap wood turn into a beautiful accessory.

Here's a behind the scenes video on how LSTN Troubadours & Fillmores are made.

Each ear cup is sanded and buffed three times to perfection!

The cups are cleaned to prepare for assembly

Each cup is engraved with the LSTN logo and set out to be assembled to the inside components

Wiring and parts inside the Troubadours are made with a large hole to expose the speaker to the wood

The speakers inside the Fillmores are attached

After the wood is added on one side, the comfy earpads are added to the other side of the headphone

Voila! Now the cups are ready to be paired up by wood markings and attached to the headband

The wooden L and R indicators are added to our nylon wrapped cords

The headphones are packaged

...and sent out to you!

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