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Satellite Bluetooth Mini Speaker Reviews + Infographic

The ultra portable, sonically sound Satellite is the perfect speaker for your next adventure. The people have spoken and the reviews are in. People love the sound and design of the Satellite. Bluetooth connectivity is seamless and simple. The built-in microphone is perfect for conference calls in the office or on the go. The 10-hour battery life is amazing for its size. See what people are saying about the Satellite below.

Satellite Bluetooth Mini Speaker Reviews + Infographic


Satellite Speaker Reviews

“Sonically Stellar and Stylish Bluetooth Speakers for Your Bookshelf.” – Apartment Therapy, Press

“The satellite is the perfectly unique solution to all your Bluetooth speaker needs.” – Huckberry, Press

“The Satellite despite its size delivers some great clean sound that is perfect for a hotel room or at your desk. They not only look great but have quite a bit of pop for the size.” - Magnetic Magazine, Press

“The battery pack enables an impressive ten hours of playback…hefty compared to other speakers on the market.” – Trend Hunter, Press

“This little guy will trump many small and medium sized bluetooth speakers. nice rich, full sound. very balanced for a range of different music. sounds much bigger than a 5W. the bass is quite nice for a speaker of this size. and don't let the size fool you, this little speaker pumps out enough sound to fill a noisy room on its own." - Ray, Verified Buyer

“The sound quality of this little speaker is awesome. I've got high quality entertainment speakers, and this little box matches the sound extremely well. I highly recommend this little speaker” – Lauren H, Verified Buyer

“I love my little LSTN speaker. It arrived just in time for my winter RV road trip in the USA. I love the look and feel of the speaker and being made of beautiful natural wood it will never date. Why would you buy any other speaker considering the work theses guys do giving the gift of hearing to those that can't.” – Rod Clark, Verified Buyer

“Great product. Louder and better sound quality than I expected. Its not the last speaker you'll ever own but its more than worth it.” – David, Verified Buyer

“These speakers are sexy. They deliver a clean level of sound and they just feel good. I use it in my bedroom and wherever I need clean and solid sound. I am a musician, so quality counts with me. I approve this product highly” - Verified Buyer

"I have a Jambox as well but this devices sounds way better and the amount of sound that comes out of it compared to it's small size is insane. I 100% recommend this product." - Verified Buyer

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