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Introducing…the Avalon Earbuds in Ebony and Bamboo Wood

Our main goal with the Avalon was to create a wood earbud that was smaller and lighter than our current earbud offering, the Bowery. We wanted it to fit in more with active lifestyles while maintaining our signature LSTN sound quality.

After months of testing and researching wood types and style options, we found bamboo and ebony to be the best wood options for the Avalon earbuds. We have never used bamboo before, so we are extremely excited to offer bamboo with the Avalon earbuds.

Bamboo is an extremely sustainable wood offering a unique look and feel. We contrasted the white and gold feel of the bamboo wood Avalons with a sleek black and gold look using ebony wood. Ebony wood is a dense hardwood known to provide amazing tonal qualities to music. Take your pick of two woods with equally unique looks and enjoy the vibes.


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