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LSTN Travels to Mexico with Starkey Hearing Foundation

Updated November 2, 2015

We head south of the border to help Starkey in Toluca and Tlaxcala

This October we traveled to Mexico with Starkey Hearing Foundation. We were able to help hundreds of people while there - here's a video showing some of our favorite moments from the trip:

Day 1 Team Member Recap: Bridget

As our company grows and evolves with new product releases, team members and hundreds of office foosball games, the one thing that will always remain the same is the reason we started LSTN. Changing lives through the power of music is the most important thing to us. Our nonprofit partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation, remains our inspiration and the reason why we do what we do.

Today we are in Tlaxcala, Mexico with Starkey and we fitted over 500 people for hearing aids. Many of them have never heard before in their lives, like 8 year old Valentin and 10 year old Cara. It's always an incredible experience to travel and help others and today was no different!

Thanks for supporting LSTN! We couldn't do this without you. We look forward to sharing stories from the road on how your purchases are changing lives. Here's a video with some of our favorite moments from this incredible day:

Day 2 Team Member Recap: Zoya

Day 2 of the Mexico Starkey trip was somehow even more incredible than the first. Several of my patients had traveled for over 6 hours just to receive their hearing aids. Ironically, that's also how long team LSTN had traveled to give them hearing!

Hearing aids are just plastic and rubber tools fueled by batteries. It's what happens after the hearing aids are turned on that's really magic.

A child's eyes lighting up when he hears for the first time, a grandmother's tears of joy when she's able to experience sound again after dozens of years - those moments are what change people's lives forever.

Music is the universal language that connects us all. By helping other people hear sound and music, we're one step closer to becoming a global family.

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