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4 Must-See Parisian Locales for Music Lovers

Headed to Paris? Love music? You’re in luck. A simple walk down the street will gift you with various street performers. A glass of wine at a local bar can be accompanied by a local band. A quick trip via the metro might expose you to the newest emerging talent playing in the halls. And if you need more, we’ve got the top spots for you.

Le Zénith, Paris

Le Zénith

Check out the famous venue’s schedule for an incredible live performance; it boasts one of the best sound systems in Paris. The 33-year-old indoor arena holds over 6,000 people but still maintains a very intimate experience. Head there a little early to stroll through the beautiful Parc De La Villette, which sits on the edge of the Canal de l’Ourcq.


Betino's Record Shop

Opened in 1999, this small, incredible record store focuses on rare copies of the best of jazz, soul, techno, rock, funk and everything in between. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a homeshare or Airbnb with a record player, grab some vintage vinyl and a bottle of vino for a relaxing evening after a day of exploring.

Le Trianon

If you love music AND history, this is your spot. With grand seating and gorgeous Belle Epoque architecture- this theatre and concert hall is not to be missed. It originally opened in 1894 and can hold over 1000 people for its various offerings: plays, musicals, concerts, operas and small festivals.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

If you prefer complete control over your music experience via your own playlist and headphones- we’ve got the perfect hideaway for you. Originally opened in 1919 (then closed and reopened after WW2) this charming bookstore was the local haunt for countless famous authors and poets. It was featured in Ernest Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast. Snag a second-hand classic poetry book, then head to the café next door for some fresh coffee. Plug in your headphones for some privacy amongst the crowd and enjoy!

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

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