Customer Feedback

"I received my LSTN headphones as a birthday present from my brother who also has them. We LOVE them. As fans of rap and electronic tunes, we have found that the bass is ridiculously amazing. It's like the bass is booming inside your head!!! The past few days have been pretty great. Listening to my favorite radio station in the morning and enjoying artists like Frank Sinatra, Florence and the Machine, Steve Aoki, and Lil Wayne. The sound is truly amazing with my LSTN headphones. I look forward to work everyday so I can jam out.   I'm a huge fan and make sure to spread the work every chance I get. Lovin' the bass!" - Meaghan via Email

"These are amazing. I've heard instruments in songs that I've never heard before!" - Ryan via Email

"Just received my on-ear headphones in cherry. They look beautiful, the sound is incredible, and there was a handwritten note from the founder in the box. Thank you for this great product, giving hearing to needy children, and caring about your customers." - Lisa via Facebook

"My headphones from LSTN ARE AMAZING! Man, best headphones i've ever had! REAL TALK!" - Joey via Facebook
"LSTN headphones are perfect for my ears. It is high quality with eco-friendly design and it's compact design allows me to easily carry it with me anywhere. Being an avid social entrepreneur, I feel great listening to music knowing that a simple purchase is helping deaf children have chance to hear as well. I am in love with them!" - Kwiri via Email
"I got my headphones today and was blown away by the sound quality, not to mention how cool they look! Plus, my purchase helps others hear! Thanks for an outstanding product!" - Nicole via Facebook


"I honestly didn't consider myself much of an audiophile when it came to headphones, but it's like a whole new song on my new LSTN Headphones" Ashley via Twitter

"I just wanted to send you a little message full of gratitude. I am a young mom to a profoundly deaf child. I can't even begin to explain how amazing I think your company is.  We are apart of a charity for the deaf and hard of hearing in my community and I will gladly spread the word." Brooke via Email

"I love my LSTN headphones and their awesome social enterprise model!" Danielle via Twitter

"Cool look, help people in need, awesome natural, Win, WIN!" Mike via Twitter

"Really love my new pair of LSTN headphones. To all the socent enthusiasts out there, buy some." - Matthew via Twitter

"Loving my new headphones! They turned my iTunes library into a mobile vinyl collection" - Matt via Twitter

"DUDE, THESE HEADPHONES ARE THE S***! .. THE SOUND IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!" - Tony via Email

"Just got my LSTN earbuds! So stoked. They sound great and look awesome. Thanks!" - Tim via Facebook

"Love my new cherry headphones. Thank you for providing a great product and helping kids hear!" - Bruce via Facebook
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