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"How do they sound? Pretty amazing."

"A traveling audiophile's most amazing pal."

"The sound quality is mind-blowing."

"Potentially the coolest headphones, ever."

"Nails the sweet spot between aesthetic panache and nuts-and-bolts sonic acuity."

"LSTN is out to change the way you hear music."

About LSTN Sound Co.

When we started LSTN Sound Co., our mission was to create a company that could prompt global change. We provide high quality audio products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the worldwide problem of hearing loss and impairment. That is the mission, and you're in the drivers seat.

Incredible Sound Quality

Classic. Sophisticated. Stylish. Unique. LSTN Headphones are created from real Ebony, Zebra, and Cherry wood, delivering you warm, full sound with a unique look. All of our audio products are tested extensively for superior sound quality and physical durability. Encase your ears in comfort and rich sound for years and years.

Unbeatable Cause

At LSTN Sound, every purchase helps someone hear for the first time through Starkey Hearing Foundation. Our mission is to create global change by providing high quality audio products that help fund hearing restoration. You can help us spread awareness on worldwide hearing loss and impairment in order to prompt real, measurable change.

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