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What's Pink, Blue, White, and Can Help Protect Your Child's Hearing?

It's time to get serious about preventing hearing loss in children & teens.

The world is louder than ever, and teen and childhood hearing loss is on the rise.

One in Six Teens Has Permanent Hearing Damage

Teen Hearing Loss has Risen by 30% in the Last Decade

Over the past 5 years, we've traveled the world and helped give over 25,000 people hearing aids. We've found that in many cases, teen and childhood hearing loss is fully preventable. The best way to prevent serious problems is to develop and reinforce safe listening habits early- which is why we're launching a Kickstarter for the 85: a volume limited, stylish pair of kid's headphones.

We're at the home stretch. We have these headphones tested, refined and ready for kids to rock; now we just need to get them into production. Help us get this project off the ground by purchasing some amazing headphones for your child. Back now and get the special early bird price of $25!

Don't have a kid in your life? Forward this link to a friend who does! Let's promote positive listening habits and stem the tide of teen and childhood hearing damage.

The 85 was designed from the ground up to be perfect for kids, and includes:

  • Volume output limited to 85 dB (the WHO standard for safe listening)
  • Audio shareport, designed to allow kids to share their music with friends and family.
  • Swappable magnetic color plates to customize your headphone’s look.
  • Plush vegan leather earpads for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable, padded headband
  • Stress-tested for maximum build quality
  • Amazing sound quality at an affordable price

The 85 will launch in Royal Blue, Hot Pink, and Arctic White, with 2 alternate color faceplates included as well

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