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New Music Friday - October 13, 2017

Get ready for an extra spooky (OK, not really) Friday the 13th roundup of our favorite new music!


Recorded at Greg Kurstin's Los Angeles studio with Beck and Kurstin playing nearly every instrument themselves between 2013 and 2017, Colors is like many Beck albums, full of experimentation and willing to go places no other pop star (except maybe Björk) will go.

"...for the first year, we were experimenting and there was a lot of trial and error. I was touring constantly while making it, so I was attempting to bring some of that energy back to the studio, which isn't always the easiest thing to do. ‘Dreams’ was one of the early songs to come along and make me think the idea had legs."
- Beck

After its existence was leaked by an online retailer, Colors was announced by Beck in August with the premiere of the video for "Up All Night".

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Lotta Sea Lice
Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett

Lotta Sea Lice is the result of 8 days in the studio spread over almost 15 months, when Courtney and Kurt’s respective touring schedules allowed for them to be in the same place at the same time.

We ran into each other on the road in various continents and talked about the recordings. I guess it wasn’t till i had another tour booked for the following summer in Australia that we thought we should record as much as we can, no major goal to make it a full length but it came together that way because the vibe was so strong. I love working with Courtney, the collaboration was laid back with less pressure.
- Kurt Vile

Now we finished the album, we dreamt up an amazing band which we’ve called THE SEA LICE (inspired by a Stella Mozgawa beach-side-story) and me and Kurt will be standing there out front with our guitars singing songs together. Songs from this album we did, a handful of our own songs from previous albums, maybe some old folk songs and what not. Harmonies and guitarmonies galore. Very collaborative.
- Courtney Barnett

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Beautiful Trauma

With an Apple Music-produced documentary forthcoming and production by legend Max Martin, there's no sign of P!nk slowing down for her eighth studio album, Beautiful Trauma.

"What About Us" was released as the lead single from the album on August 10, 2017, reaching number one in both Australia and Germany - it is her third number one single in Germany. Described as a pop and club track, the song received critical acclaim from music critics, noting its political themes as a highlight.

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St. Vincent

“Every record I make has an archetype,” says Clark. “Strange Mercy was Housewives on Pills. St. Vincent was Near-Future Cult Leader. MASSEDUCTION is different, it’s pretty first person. You can’t fact-check it, but if you want to know about my life, listen to this record.” MASSEDUCTION is the culmination of years of writing, with songs crafted from voice memos, text messages, and snippets of melodies that came to Clark while traveling the globe.

Special guests on the album include Thomas Bartlett on piano, Kamasi Washington on saxophone, Jenny Lewis on vocals, and beat production from Sounwave. Greg Leisz and Rich Hinman add pedal steel, and Tuck and Patti Andress contribute guitar and vocals respectively on select tracks.

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Carry Fire
Robert Plant

Robert Plant's eleventh studio album, Carry Fire, produced by Plant in the west of England and Wales, melds unusual rhythms with naturalism. As with his 2014 album, Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, the album features his band The Sensational Space Shifters, joined by special guest Chrissie Hynde on "Bluebirds Over the Mountain".

Since Plant's career renaissance began with 2007's Raising Sand with vocalist Alison Krauss, Plant has avoided resting on his laurels to continue exploring new directions with his music. When reflecting on this new career direction, and his desire to return to England for his latest release, Plant told The New York Times:

“It was one of the most rewarding, classic periods of my life,” he said. “And it was just such a” — he paused to search for the right word — “tear to leave America and return to Britain.”

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