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Mindvalley Brings LSTN Headphones for Meditation

After spending a year of doing research, Mindvalley decided to work with LSTN to bring their idea of a perfect headphone to their fans.

The process looked at many features to make the choice that goes beyond just the comfort and sound quality. Fact is, we knew we didn’t want to compromise on either. What we had were so many more additional requirements, and LSTN was the only one ready to provide.

One feature that strikes us in LSTN headphone design, is the use of the natural wood. It actually makes every pair completely unique. This is amazing as it acknowledges how we all have our small differences and we are all uniquely beautiful.

And last but not least, they are extremely comfortable, the sound quality is amazing and they seal off sound so powerfully. Our students love them so much, and we are extremely proud of our work with LSTN.

Now our students get to wear their wings proudly.

Mindvalley University is a personal growth education company. It has meditation and mindfulness products at the core of the business. Customers have been looking for the ultimate headphones to meditate plus listen to their online courses. And they are very picky about who they do business with.

Since we stand for unity in the world, production ethics was key. LSTN work with amazing manufacturers in China. This ensures the minimum was met, but what went above and beyond, was the whole business model being designed with a give back initiative built into it. With proceeds supporting those with hearing disabilities, we knew this was the kind of organisation we wanted to support, including the cause. Because when you can hear clearly, you can learn faster. And education, we believe, is the key to raising consciousness on the planet.

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