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Get Acquainted with the Apollo Bluetooth Speaker


The people have spoken and the reviews are in. People are loving the sound and design of the Apollo Bluetooth Speaker. Bluetooth connectivity is seamless and simple. The 10-hour battery life is separating the Apollo from the rest of the Bluetooth speaker market.

Designed in-house at LSTN headquarters in Los Angeles, CA - the LSTN Apollo Speaker utilizes real wood to create a gorgeous, sonically sound Bluetooth speaker that fits your style perfectly. We handpicked some of our favorite reviews about the Apollo below from the Press and fans-alike. 


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Apollo Speaker Reviews

“With its combination of detail-oriented design and its philosophy of giving back, LSTN creates a new layer of action beyond a simple purchase.” – PSFK, Press

“the Apollo is sure to be the life of the party” – TinyMixtapes, Press

“…Apollo Bluetooth speaker is beautiful. Let’s make that much clear. The wood chassis features a satin finish and bold grain patterns so each one is unique.” - Gizmodo

“A handsome, portable speaker that packs a big punch.” – Huckberry, Press

"...crystal clear sound powerful enough to entertain your next house party." - GearMoose, Press

"I have spent time with several Bluetooth speakers over the years and decided based on the quality of LSTN headphones to give these a go. First off, if you are into quality design and strong substance, there is nothing more vintage meets modern perfection that this speaker. How do they sound? Insane. I love the fact that there are speakers on both sides, it's near surround sound! Amazing volume without distortion. 9 to 10 hour battery is enough for any party. I'll absolutely be gifting this speaker to friends and family this year. Oh and it's for a good cause, what's not to love about that." - Metalboy, Verified Buyer

"Great sound in a small and elegant package. Very easy to pair with my cell phone, and it is compact and easy to transport."  - Douglas, Verified Buyer

"What can i say, LSTN keeps knocking it out of the park. I have their Bowery earbuds, Satellite, and now the Apollo. First off, the speaker was surprisingly much smaller than i had imagined. however the sound is much bigger than i anticipated as well. it's a hefty little guy and feels like a brick in terms of weight, but hey that's not a bad thing at all. no problem filling a room with music with the Apollo. there's really nothing else out there that beats it in terms of overall sound, build quality, and it's looks. Would definitely buy an even larger wi-fi, bluetooth, or wired speaker if they made one." - Ray, Verified Buyer

"…I've never been this happy with any product before. It's everything I was hoping it was gonna be and more. I was amazed at the amount of sound this little speaker puts out, and with a surprising amount of clean bass to go with it. Definitely fills the whole room with enough sound. And to top it off it's the coolest looking speaker out there. The design is clean, elegant, and simple. The wood framing gives it a classy old school look to it. No complaints here about this speaker. Worth every penny" - Cristian Soratoson, Verified Buyer

"We preordered and are absolutely thrilled with the Apollo speaker we received. Great quality and sound! Wonderful product where much care taken into the creation. Well done!"  - Cleveland Barb, Verified Buyer

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