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Headphones that Make a Difference

On October 2015, we had the amazing opportunity to meet Jessica while in Mexico with Starkey Hearing Foundation. Jessica is a 6 year old who had been hearing impaired for her whole life. The day she met us was her last day not being able to hear. 

LSTN and Starkey Hearing Foundation was able to help her hear for the first time in what was a mutually amazing experience. See for yourself.



To see her face, smile and be able to provide hearing-which we value so dearly-is what powers our company everyday. All of your purchases help provide hearing to people in need around the world through Starkey Hearing Foundation. That's how our headphones make a difference. 

With your purchases, we are able to travel with Starkey Hearing Foundation on hearing missions. During those hearing missions, we set people up with hearing aids. Some of these people have never heard before!

To date we have helped over 20,000 people hear for the first time. Let us help you sift through all of the run-of-the-mill headphone companies and find the one audio company that makes a difference, LSTN Sound Co. You can feel good about your purchase while knowing that you are receiving a high quality audio product. 

Not only do our headphones make a difference but they stand out from the rest. Take a look for yourself and join the #LSTN movement.  

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