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5 Ways to Give the Gift of Hearing Over the Holidays

Over 360 million people in the world are currently suffering from hearing loss. That’s a HUGE number! The most unfortunate part is that less than 3% have the money or access to the care that they need to hear again. Think about the opportunity you have to make a difference in someone’s life!

Over the holidays, you have the chance to help the other 97% hear again. There are multiple ways to give the gift of hearing over the holidays, and these are 5 of our favorite ways you can get involved.

1. Donate directly to our partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Your donations go a long way and enables the three major phases of Starkey’s patient hearing care:
- Patient identification, in which the custom earmolds are created.
- Hearing missions, where hearing aids are fit to the candidates and hearing training and counseling is provided.
- The AfterCare program, in which ongoing monthly AfterCare services and education are made available to patients.

Donate Here!

2. Donate used hearing aids to Starkey’s recycling program - here is what to do:

- Place the hearing aid in a crush-proof box, old pill bottle or other secure container.

- Mail to:

Starkey Hearing Foundation, ATTN: Hearing Aid Recycling
6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Please include your name and the address where you would like a donation receipt sent.
For more information write to or call (800) 328-8602

3. Volunteer your time! Participate in a walk! There are tons out there and your efforts in raising awareness make a difference! Walk4Hearing is the biggest walk of its kind. Sign up for a walk near you!

4. Buy a pair of LSTN headphones for a loved one over the holiday! Not only does your purchase go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, but your headphones will spread the word of those who need your help.

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5. Tell your friends and family about the scope of hearing loss across the world, Starkey’s mission and how LSTN is helping! You can also become an Affiliate and Brand Ambassador with LSTN, where you get hooked up and have the chance to hook up all your friends.

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