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How to Choose the Right Pair of LSTN Earbuds

Small, versatile and ultra portable. We love earbuds, especially when they have massive, crisp sound. All LSTN audio products are electro-acoustically tested to ensure the cleanest sound across all frequencies. LSTN earbuds are powered by an 8mm driver enclosed in real wood and feature in-line volume and playback controls with mic. Real wood casings help create a unique, rich sound that far surpasses any plastic earbud. With LSTN wood earbuds, you can expect the best sound in an ultra portable design -perfect for any situation.

Avalon Bowery Wembley
Wood Options Bamboo & Ebony Cherry, Ebony, & Zebra Bamboo
Housing Size Small Medium Large
Sound Profile Sharp Well-balanced Big & bold
Cable Rubber Nylon Rubber

Avalon Wood Earbuds
Here are the perfect on-the-go earbuds. With real bamboo and ebony housings and a durable rubber cable, these earbuds are ready for any situation. The characteristic gold hardware adds a special touch to the Avalons and make them the perfect gift for that friend traveling in style.

Wembley Wood Earbuds
Functionality and portability meet luxurious hi-fi audio. The Wembley's custom drivers are surrounded in rich bamboo wood, providing a sound far beyond anything else on the market.

Bowery Wood Earbuds
Bring these earbuds anywhere and listen to your favorite tunes on the go. The Bowerys are built for the music lover who doesn’t stop. The best part? The durable nylon cable prevents your earbuds from getting tangled on the move. Each pair is unique and offered in cherry, ebony, and zebra wood.

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