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Brand Ambassador Spotlight: LSTN United Kingdom

Today, we want to recognize and applaud two ambassadors who have put a great amount of care and effort into LSTN’s mission to restore hearing across the world through the power of music: LSTN Brand Ambassadors in the United Kingdom; Anthony and Michael. We asked them a few questions to learn more about our customers and for advice on how to effectively spread the word about LSTN on school campuses, in big cities, small cities and all of the in-between.

Note: LSTN has a brand ambassador program! If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at

Here is a closer look and Q&A at what drives Anthony and Michael to spread awareness on hearing loss and LSTN Sound Co.’s mission. 

LSTN: How did you come to find LSTN?

Anthony: I was already a rep for the social enterprises, Elephant Branded and GiveMeTap and both inspired me to look at setting up my own and my first idea was to do with headphones and hearing as I'm forever associated with headphones and my dad sometimes has difficulty hearing and has a hearing aid so there is the personal interest. However, when I was doing research into it, I came across first I was like damn there's something already out there but then I saw the headphones and loved them and saw their work Starkey Hearing Foundation in helping restore hearing to people across the globe and I fell in love with the company and wanted to help so I just got in touch by email and asked if I could help promote them. At the time they were only recruiting US-based reps but as the saying goes "if you don't ask you don't get" and luckily I got on board as their first UK rep and now there are plenty more reps from outside the US. FYI, I still plan to set up a social enterprise but it will be different products/services and impact, I couldn't top what LSTN does, they do amazing work and have an absolutely awesome range of products so keep up the good work!

Michael: The first time I came across LSTN was on my NCS residential (a qualification that’s a bit like The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award), where I met Anthony. Ant was already a Brand Ambassador for LSTN when I met him and wouldn’t mind to stop for a chat about the cause. Personally, I am strongly passionate about music, but also charitable at heart. To come across such a company that both produce high quality headphones (to blast out my music on) and helps, free of charge, people who could not hear, satisfied both of my main likes at once. I was quick to contact Anthony about becoming a Brand Ambassador, but similarly to when he wanted to become one I was faced with the fact that I was an international applicant. However, I followed the same path as Anthony and again proved the saying “If you don’t as you don’t get” right by applying and becoming the second UK Brand Ambassador.  

LSTN: There are millions of Brand Ambassador options out there. Why did you choose LSTN?

Anthony: Of course, there's the impact in restoring people's hearing around the world and my dad actually uses a Starkey hearing aid, but I do believe the product or service has to be good, first and foremost, and with LSTN I love the headphones, the Troubadours and the Encores, in particular. I'm always wearing either, but more so the Encores since I've bought them along with the amplifier necklace. I just love the vintage inspired design of the headphones and the fact that they're made from reclaimed wood so there is the eco-friendly aspect to it too. I've always had headphones, from Beats to Skullcandy to Pioneer to Zumreed but the sound quality of LSTN is completely different and much better to what I have previously experienced. I also love the new speakers that LSTN have brought out so I need to buy one and use to play music at future events!

Michael: As previously stated, I am charitable at heart and also a passionate lover of music. LSTN satisfies both of these qualities of mine by helping restore hearing to people for free – investing in people – through headphones; I can help someone and get other people to help through my own love for music! LSTN ticked all the boxes for me even before I got my hands on their products. My first real interest in the headphones (especially the Troubadours – my favourites) came from the wood. The wood added so much character to the headphones through both giving them their own unique sound graph and their own unique look! Secondly, the quality of the sound through the headphones was top of the range. Why fall for the brand names when you can get the same, and better, quality for less? Not to mention you are helping restore someone’s hearing. Finally, the headphones are very robust and durable. To look at them and think “they look flimsy” is expected, but the flexibility of the headphones reduces their likelihood of snapping. Numerous times have they fallen to the bottom of my bag and been squashed, bent and dropped, but not a scratch to show for it.

LSTN: What are you jamming to at the moment?

Anthony: People will forever associate me with dance music, which I absolutely love but I like a bit of everything from jazz to indie, soul, garage, early hip hop, alternative, 80s and 90s music and even music in other languages so I guess I have quite an eclectic taste in music. Michael: I’m a man of my taste and hold a relatively conservative music taste. Luckily I am a lover of most Electronic Dance Music sub-genres such as: House, Tropical House, Techno House, Trap, Progressive House, Drum and Bass...and the list goes on. This means that my ‘conservative’ taste cover a wide variety of genres. However, if someone decides to play some of their own favourites, I will not object and enjoy anything that is calm to my ears.

LSTN: We are digging all of the amazing ways you two are spreading the word. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun out there. How are you organizing all your promotions?

Anthony & Michael: We've promoted LSTN in various different ways this year. First of all, there's social media. We tend to post content about LSTN on a variety of different social media sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which includes a number of promo pics, videos and updates on what we have been up to. We've also done talks at schools and set up stalls on campus to spread the word among the student population. Over the summer we delivered eight social enterprise business challenges to over 1,200 young people on the National Citizen Service in which we talked about LSTN (as well as Elephant Branded and GiveMeTap) and got lots of interest in the companies and products.

LSTN: What’s in store for the future?

Anthony & Michael: More of the same in terms of talks and stalls but we're working on doing some collaborations with bands and DJs as well as other organizations, but we'd love to also attend music events to promote LSTN. Also, getting retailers on board in order to start getting people to buy LSTN instead of Beats! One of us is a convert from Beats to LSTN so let's make it happen! Possibly, we'll be delivering more social enterprise business challenges in the future and spreading the word about LSTN through that, but collaborations and retailers is something we want to work on. Of course, we'll keep on posting promo pics as well so watch this space!

We place great value in all of our brand ambassadors and appreciate their drive to make a change in the world with LSTN! In hopes of bringing LSTN’s purpose to more college campuses and cities both here in the United States and abroad, we would love your help in spreading the word!

A special shout out to Anthony and Michael for going the extra mile to expand our goal to restore hearing to the world.

Note: LSTN has a brand ambassador program! If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at

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