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The Story Behind LSTN Bluetooth Speakers

What does every music lover need when traveling around the world? Rad, portable speakers.

We looked high and low looking for the right speakers as we traveled the world. We could not find them, anywhere. All we came up with were plastic, cheap-looking portable speakers. That got us thinking that we needed to create the LSTN version of what a portable Bluetooth speaker should be. A portable speaker that has fantastic style and sounded incredible.

Late in 2014, we designed two Bluetooth speakers the way we wanted them to look. Something that looked great wherever and however you are using them. To get that incredible sound we require, wood was the only choice. That’s why we chose real zebra, walnut and cherry wood for the housings on both the Apollo and Satellite speakers. We went through 6 rounds of samples, 2 more trips to our factories and countless hours of electro-acoustic testing and refinement before we finally got it right.

Meet the Satellite Bluetooth mini-speaker and the Apollo dual-driver speaker.

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