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Thousands of Birchbox Users Love Our Sound

Recently, we teamed up with Birchbox and now thousands have received our Bowery earbuds. With over 2000 reviews on Birchbox, we combed through some of the best for you. When in doubt, check these reviews out!


MtHiker: I absolutely love these earbuds. Their design, comfort, and sound quality are top notch. I own beats earbuds and prefer these over the Beats. I cannot say enough about how great this product is.

 Boomin' Buds!

Anonymous: The LSTN's pack a punch! They truly block out the sound around you and provide a real studio vibe. With an authentic/earthy look, you can drift away from reality anywhere with these buds and look good doing it. Awesome product! Thanks, Birchbox. 

I love these headphones.

Mike: They look amazing, sound good, and untangle easily. I received these in my first birchbox and used them everyday for 6 months before my son decided they were his and to this day he uses them everyday over a year later, so quality is no concern. I was thrilled to get another pair in a sample box which will likely become his when the first pair become lost at which point I'll finally buy a pair.


Derek: Talk about great sound in an excellent product. The more I read what this company does for the hearing impaired the more pairs of earbuds I want to order. Used to be a skullcandy person but these are hands down my new favorite.


Anonymous: Im a DJ and I hate ear buds. These, however, are amazing! not too much bass, great quality sound. Light weight and comfortable.

Cool look, GREAT sound

Dzaman: I love the look of these, the wood definitely looks "hip". Then the nylon cord makes it more durable unlike apple products. Then you add in for the price they sound as good as any pair I've heard. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU! 

Best product I have ever recieved in a Birchbox

Stevie D: OK, I have been a subscriber for over a year now and I have to say I am always more pleased with the unique items in my box each month especially when they are accessories or things other than hair, facial products etc. I thought these ear buds were the coolest thing ever first off because I had never saw a wooden pair and they were just really cool. I guess it is unfortunate that they were so cool my 15 yr old son had taken them and has been rocking them forever. " Dad I have the coolest ear bids at our school, your birch box is awesome"

Coach Book

Anonymous: These headphones are set apart. The design is different than the standard earbuds everyone has. These are my new favorite. I take them everywhere I go!


Hunter: My boyfriend got these in his box and we've been fighting over who gets to take them to work regularly. We plan on buying a second pair.

Wow and clear

Anonymous: The look and the clarity are on point!!!! LSTN is my new Beats!!! I would love a wireless full size set. I could turn them on and tone all the rest out!!! I would give them as gifts if I owned a million pairs..... LSTN is top notch!!!! 

With each pair you purchase, you not only look stylish, but you spread awareness of a global cause to aid and restore hearing!

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