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5 Hot New Interior Design Trends for the End of 2017

Design is important to the LSTN team whether it's for our headphones or the decor inside our office. We've rounded up some of our favorite new trends for Fall 2017. Enjoy!

Dark Green

The leaves may be changing colors but a solid green is the ultimate statement color this season. We suggest combining the deep, cozy color with natural wood, leather and metal.

Hideaways and Retreats

With the new digital age, people are looking for nooks and crannies to escape. Carve out cozy corners in your house for more privacy and a chance to unplug. Try this trend for your bedroom or, if you’re limited on space, for a desk and office. We suggest light, soft colors for your hideaway!


We love when retro trends make a comeback. Velvet furniture adds soft texture to rough surfaces (like reclaimed wood and metals) as well as increased visual interest! If you don’t have the budget or room for a large piece of velvet furniture, we recommend comfy velvet pillows for your personal LSTNing station!

Statement Ceilings

Most people focus on accent walls, but the time has come to focus on accent ceilings as well! Achieve this unique, interesting look with wooden beams, bold paint, or wallpaper.

Faux Finishes

Interior decorating can become very expensive very fast. For a fresh change on a budget, try stick-on subway tiles, removable beams, removable wallpaper and floor decals for a unique, custom look in your bathroom and/or kitchen!

Last but not least, no room is complete without your favorite music. We recommend our Satellite Bluetooth speaker in Zebra wood, which complements every trend year round!

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