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Greatist Reviews LSTN Fillmores

We were finally ready to upgrade from our basic Apple earbuds to more sophisticated headphones. But once we started to look for a pair, we realized there were a dizzying number of options. After searching high and low, we think we’ve found the showstopper: LSTN’s Cherry Wood Fillmores. They’re the perfect headphones for the music lover who also likes to give back—LSTN gives a portion of its proceeds to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which donates more than 100,000 hearing aids around the world every year. 

But there’s so much more to love about these headphones than the company’s social good mission. First off, the sound quality is phenomenal, whether we’re listening to our dance party playlist or our favorite podcasts. The sustainable wood exterior not only makes these headphones eye catching, but it also improves the sound quality (for the same reason that the best pianos, violins, and guitars are made of wood too). 

And then there are the little bells and whistles that prove LSTN really thought of everything when putting together these headphones. There’s the padded headband that makes them super comfortable to wear for hours (and trust us, you won't want to take these off), the nylon cord that never tangles, and the fact that the headphones fold down to fit easily in even a small purse. We love these headphones so much that literally everyone in our office uses them (and you wonder why people think we’re so stylish!). 

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