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2014 LSTN Year Recap

Thanks so much to everyone for a great 2014! It was the best year ever. 

Our favorite part was traveling around the world, helping others hear for the first time. 2014 brought us to Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka, China and two cities in the U.S. with Starkey Hearing Foundation.

We formed partnerships with some incredible companies, including Google/YouTube. Check out our commercial here: 

We launched in our first international market, Korea:

Did some epic photoshoots:

The team signed deals and worked hard on getting into major U.S. retailers, making hundreds of in store displays by hand:

And the press was very kind to us.

Thank you so much to everyone that has been involved in turning LSTN into our dream company. Can't wait to see what 2015 brings - more international markets to explore, more U.S. retail, a new office, new employees, more products!


Team LSTN - Bridget, Joe, Zoya, Lauren, Max, Molly and Matt

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