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Brand Spotlight: Half United

Here's another great social enterprise, our friends at Half United! This sibling duo started the company with only $200. Half their profits go to providing meals to those in need. We love their style and passion for giving back, check them out here:
What was the inspiration behind Half United?
Our parents entrepreneurial and caring spirit (Dad was a pastor and Mom's an interior designer), inspired us to take our abilities and do some good!  Growing up, we could never pass someone hungry on the street without stopping to help. Teaming up with our friends and global charity organizations, we have been able to provide meals for people half a world away as well as those in our very own community!  To date, we've provided more than 120,000 meals to those in need!

What's your favorite product from your brand?
There's so many!  Because our products have such a wide range, it's difficult to pick just one!
Our newest arrival is our Giving Back Is The New Black t-shirt is a must-have! 
The all-gold Classic
The Gold Amanda!

What is currently on your playlist?
Sam Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, HAIM, Sia, and Chet Baker! 

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