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Brand Spotlight - Denik

We love other brands that give back. Here's a company that we met at a trade show a while back called Denik. Ever since then, we've loved following their adventures and the cool products they release. They make awesome notebooks and sketchbooks with amazing art on them. For every one they sell, they give money to both the artist who created the art and Pencils of Promise. Here at LSTN we've taken our Denik notebooks on trips to chronicle our global journeys. We caught up with Brent from Denik. Check them out here:
What was the inspiration behind Denik? We knew we wanted to make a difference with whatever we we're going to do. We noticed notebooks was a place that seriously lacked steez and kind of worked backwards from there.

What's your favorite product from your brand? My favorite product right now has to be this black one from this collaboration we're doing with Quiksilver, when I was a kid in Hawaii I grew up knowing all my favorite surfers were on the Quiksilver team. So to do something with them was like a dream come true...

What is currently on your playlist? I listen to a lot of chillwave right now, probably more than I should as its kind of a crappy genre haha. My favorites artists right now are Fort Romeau, Com Truise, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi. Other than that I can't get enough of City and Colour, I've been a fan of Dallas Green since he was with Alexisonfire, the guy can do no wrong. 
Anything else you want us to share? I really feel that right now the world is transitioning from the 'information age' to a 'responsibility age.' A time when people will demand more from the products/services they buy than face value. The future will be filled with social entrepreneurs and environmentally conscious companies. Great socially conscious brands like LSTN headphones are here to stay.

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