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Greetings From Africa! Day 1 - Gulu, Uganda

Greetings from Africa!


We created our headphones to give people great sound, which gives us leverage and ability to give sound to those who aren't able to hear. From day one, LSTN has been committed to giving back all over the world with our partner Starkey Hearing Foundation. So far, our customers have allowed us to do missions in Peru, Los Angeles and New York where we have helped over 10,000 people.

Today was our first day with Starkey on our latest trip. Up first was Gulu, a part of Uganda that is within reach of the Lord’s Resistance Army; a brutal militia that has terrorized Gulu and surrounding regions for decades. We set up hearing aid fitting stations at St. Monica's School and Tailoring Center, which was founded by the amazing Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe in 2002. Since opening, St. Monica’s has trained more than 2,000 girls who have escaped from the LRA and Joseph Kony. She works closely with Starkey Hearing Foundation, who actually built the playground for the children at the school in 2012. 

Today, along with Starkey and Sister Rosemary, we helped give the gift of sound to over 200 children. Many had never heard or spoken before in their entire life. It was an incredible experience that we will never forget! We are able to do this because of our amazing supporters - each and every one of you who has purchased LSTN Headphones. Thank you for your continued support!

Up next - thousands more in...
Kampala, Uganda 
Kibera, Kenya
Eldoret, Kenya
Kisimu, Kenya
Love from Africa,
Bridget and Joe

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