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LSTN, Anderson East and Pledge Music team up!

One of our favorite musicians, Anderson East, is recording a new album. Every purchase of the new album will give proceeds to LSTN's Giving Back Amplified program, which helps restore hearing to people in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. 

Check out the letter Anderson wrote to his fans about the partnership:

Dearest friends,

I’m so glad you have found yourself here and have taken the time out of your busy schedule to even read these words in front of you. So to get to the point, it’s that time again… new record time. And for the first time in a long time I’m extremely excited about making music. It feels like a fresh start. But I’m coming to you hoping that you might help turn this into a reality. This time I’ll be bringing you along the way for the entire thing. From recording to mixing to the artwork, the title, the whole nine yards. I want you to be a part of this process with me. And with my good friend Dave Cobb producing, this record is going to be really special.

Your support and response during the “Flowers of the Broken Hearted” campaign was met with my immeasurable gratitude and amazement. My goal is that we can make it an even more memorable experience the second go.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with LSTN and The Starkey Hearing Foundation whose combined efforts help restore hearing to those in need with every pair of headphones sold. You’ll notice the “+ $X Donation” on each exclusive. I feel that little is as important as helping restore hearing for someone in need, and together we’ll be donating money directly to LSTN/Starkey Hearing Foundation with every single pledge starting from the very first.

In advance, allow me to say a thousand thanks on behalf of myself, LSTN and Starkey Hearing Foundation, and the people whose lives will be immensely effected by your generous contribution.

May the force be with us all,
Anderson East.

For more information:

Check it out here and pledge today!

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